cups printing to lpd server

I have set up a Canon iR6570 network printer with two configurations, but failed to print

  1. through an lpd hosts/queue

I [12/Jan/2009:12:03:09 +0100] [Job ???] Request file type is application/postscript.                                                                      
I [12/Jan/2009:12:03:09 +0100] [Job 35] Adding start banner page "none".                                                                                   
I [12/Jan/2009:12:03:09 +0100] [Job 35] Adding end banner page "none".                                                                                     
I [12/Jan/2009:12:03:09 +0100] [Job 35] File of type application/postscript queued by "barna".                                                             
I [12/Jan/2009:12:03:09 +0100] [Job 35] Queued on "library-canon" by "barna".                                                                              
I [12/Jan/2009:12:03:09 +0100] [Job 35] Started filter /usr/lib/cups/filter/pstops (PID 23304)                                                             
I [12/Jan/2009:12:03:09 +0100] [Job 35] Started filter /usr/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip (PID 23305)                                                       
I [12/Jan/2009:12:03:09 +0100] [Job 35] Started backend /usr/lib/cups/backend/lpd (PID 23306)
E [12/Jan/2009:12:03:15 +0100] [Job 35] Remote host did not accept data file (1)

  1. through a direct TPC address
    In this case the job is reported as ‘completed’, but nothing comes out from the printer

Under Ubuntu 7.10 everything worked fine, and I am using exactly the same PPD file now.

Does anybody have any idea what can be the reason? Where to look for more details? What is the (1) in ‘Remote host did not accept data file’? Somebody told this is the error code from the lpd server. Where could I find out, what it means?


probably not set up correctly. Is the lpd address correct ? is the printer a network printer or attached to another p.c. ?


It is a network printer. In our institute the system is set up such that it can be accessed by a direct TCP address, and also through an lpd host/queue. The lpd host/queue is correctly set, I copied it by mouse from the Ubuntu install on my notebook.

check your firewall,see if that’s blocking it.& have a look at /var/log/messages for anything untoward


Finally I traced the reason:

  1. Set LogLevel to debug2 in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf
  2. sudo /usr/sbin/rccups restart
    then there was a lot of debug info written to /var/log/cups/error_log. From this I figured out that a filter command
    (corresponding to this line in /etc/cups/ppd/library-canon.ppd:

*FoomaticRIPCommandLine: "/bin/cat - | sicgsfilter -MPS -NP %G%H%I -u&user; -V"&title;" -n&copies; "

) failed: sicgsfilter was missing. I found this prog in /opt/cel/bin/sicgsfilter (which was installed by the cque-en-1.0-3 rpm package, originating from Canon). I believed that installing this package is all I need to do, but then I realized a small comment in the package description, that after installing this package one also has to run /opt/cel/bin/setup. This then copied sicgsfilter into /usr/bin.

Now I can print - my only problem is that my A3 documents come out scaled down to A4, on an A4 paper, although I have set all possible media sizes to A3… any help on this would still be welcome (it did work earlier, I could print A3, from Ubuntu, with the same ppd file, but I can’t reproduce it…)