CUPS 11.3 x64 doesn't do network printing

I have a HP P1005, which is connected to my desktop computer. I have it configured using hp-setup and set it to share across the network. However no matter what I do on an other computer connected to the network I’m unable to detect the printer. With OS 11.2 it all worked smoothly and practically out of the box. Only need was to add CUPS as an allowed service. This option is taken out, apparently it posed a security risk beats me if you only allowed local traffic. In order to open up the port I added in the internal and external zone the following:      UDP      (ipp) 631      TCP      (ipp) 631

No source port was added.

Still the printer is not detected. If I turn the firewall off on both machines, no printer. If I try to ping it from the host machine it asks whether or not I enabled the firewall (which is turned off!!).

cupsd is running on the server printer. Localhost:631 is correctly configured and printing from my desktop works fine.


After a ton of fiddling around I got the printer share to show up on the guest machine. The IP address wasn’t what cups apparently wanted, but didn’t notify me about. It wants and will not take a * in the config anymore (as was in 11.2) I set all the IP address equal to and that made it appear, though no printing queue on the host machine.