cuda on leap 15

Hi Friends,

HP EliteBook
Core i7 2.7
GPU: Quadro FX 2700

I was using cuda which was installed with the following run files on leap 42.3.

cuda: "" 
driver: "". 

Due to my unreliable internet connection I prefer using run files rather than using yast!

Today I updated to leap 15 but none of the above files was useful. So I downloaded following
files which was the only options for my configuration.

But The problem is cuda-9.2 requires at least driver version 388 which is not available for my gpu.
Also cuda-6.5 does not work with gcc 7 and other files in leap 15.

Would you please give me a solution?

What miracles do you expect? Your options (in no particular order) are

  • convince or pay nVidia to support your card with newer software
  • do not upgrade to Leap 15 (what was the reason in the first place?)
  • manually build needed GCC version and use it
  • find other distribution that supports required combination of nVidia driver/CUDA/gcc

But all that should have been obvious …

The Nvidia developer site gives information of working combinations.