Ctrl key + Mouse not working together on desktop

I am using SUSE 10.2
For last few days I am unable to select multiple items on desktop using ctrl key with mouse. It does not do anything, only 1 item remains selected. Strangely this combination works well otherwise. Like if I have gedit window open and I click both ctrl+mouse, I can drag the window. Why does it not work on desktop?
Shift + mouse works well on desktop.

> For last few days I am unable to select multiple items on desktop using
> ctrl key with mouse.

sounds like a hardware problem…maybe a sticky key…when was the
last time you turned the keyboard upside down and shook it REAL WELL?
let some those deep fried twinkie crumbs fall out…

switch keyboards (if you have a spare, or is this a laptop?)
CAUTION: shut your system down first!!


Thanks, but ctrl key works fine in several other editors, problem is only when I am on desktop, so how can it be key problem?

yes this is a laptop. From desktop I mean UI screen that I see on login.

Further to this, I just discovered that using ctrl+left-mouse-click I cannot select multiple items. But using ctrl+alt+left-mouse-click I can. So what I used to do using ctrl+left-mouse-click, I can’t do anymore. I need to use alt alongwith.
Looks like I have somehow disabled ctrl+left-mouse-click combination or assigned it to do something else (although nothing else happens!!). Any clue friends?

> or assigned it to do something else

if you have made some key assignments maybe, just maybe, they got
jumbled up some how…perhaps you start UN-assigning until it all
works as it should…

or, did you make a back up of the file(s) which hold key assignment
info before you started…if so you can just start over and be careful
to check that all keys work as expected after EACH key assignment is

or, you can take a snapshot save of the config file after each…that
way you can roll back slowly until you find the offending interference…

you can always boot from a live CD to see if you have a
hardware/motherboard or BIOS problem…some laptops seem pretty easy
to bend/fracture the motherboard or keyboard sensor matrix which can
yield strange, unpredictable and often changing results…

if your laptop is still in warranty it would be good to prove (or
disprove) hardware as the cause…and, if not hardware the CD will
prove or disprove that it is a fault you (or maybe a program install)
entered into the system…

i can assure you that it is not normal for 10.2 to suddenly not read
keystrokes as it did the day before…(which is why i initially
suggested you clean the keyboard…it STILL sounds like it could be
hardware…or software…or twinkie-ware)

isolating to hard or soft ware is the first step in recovery…(which
is why i suggested another keyboard)