Ctrl + C returns to login screen

Hi Forum,
Every time I try to copy ie. a piece of text or whatever, Tumbleweed 15.0 logouts and returns to the login screen. I am using KDE and the system is fully up to date. The problem has been going on for the last 2 weeks or so.
A menu base try to copy a piece of text also makes a logout.
Any suggestions?
Regards Søren

Does Ctrl+INS do the same thing?

If you create a new user, does the same thing happen to the new user?

If you login to an IceWM session instead of Plasma, does the same thing happen?

Please take a look in the file ‘~/.config/kglobalshortcutsrc’.

  • Look for “Log Out=” and “Log Out Without Confirmation=” in the [ksmserver] section.

Check in the KDE “System Settings” section “Workspace” item “Shortcuts” for everything ‘Ctrl-C’ – it should only be “Copy” – the alternative for “Copy” should be ‘Ctrl-Ins’ …
Your issue may well be caused by a setting in the “Global Shortcuts” section “ksmserver” …

Hi again, sorry for my late reply to the very quick suggestions. Now I switched from Plasma (Wayland) to Plasma and then there is no problem. So it is apparently a problem in Plasma Wayland, that I use because of the Night Colour option, that I really like. Now I will go for Plasma without Wayland and use redshift. Thanks a lot for Your help and patience. If it is a bug in Plasma Wayland it will probably not appear in Leap 15.1 coming up.