ctags is it still the standard?

Many moons ago I use to use VI and ctags. Is ctags still the standard or is there something else commonly used in the SUSE development world?

ctags is still available as a package, and AFAICT vim supports tagfiles.

Thank you for the info, Is ctags still the standard? Does openSUSE development teams uses something else?

Not sure how much use you would require to define it as a standard, given that there are so many tools in Unix/Linux and so much choice. Does it matter to you who else uses it? I mean, as long as the source is open and it’s useful to some people, it’s likely to be maintained on Linux (on other distros too).

True about the open source but I want to beef up my experience/resume. So I want to learn what is most commonly used in the linux domain since I don’t have a lot of time. I should just talk to a SUSE developer and get a good understanding of what is a complete tool suite they commonly use. I have used VI, some make/gcc and doxygen from my cygwin days but thats about it for my experience with software tools that is also on Linux.

Well I don’t do much C these days so I couldn’t tell you what people use these days for C.

But I do a fair amount in other languages, and I find that vim is the Swiss Army knife for this. Some people swear by an IDE like Eclipse and I have tried it with Java and can see why people rave about it, with its helpful features like autocompletion hints and rollover for function signatures.

Thank you much for your input. I am planning on a career change from software programming on WinDoz platform for 25yrs to change over to totally Linux platform. For years I had cygwin and prefer a console than mouse clicking. Since I am unemployed right now I have time to learn but I want to learn what is mostly used.