CS:GO erratic mouse pointer

CS:GO under Leap 42.2 with nvidia proprietary drivers. Since I was forced to use the “STEAM_RUNTIME_PREFER_HOST_LIBRARIES=0 steam” thing descried here, my son has complained that the mouse behaves erratically at times. In particular, he complains that the pointer acceleration gets out of control, going too fast, or the mouse becomes sluggish. I really haven’t had time to investigate much. There was apparently a game mouse bug that was discussed a few years ago, but nothing really current. The current issue could be the result of the launch option above, or something to do with the recent update that forced its use update.

I installed a new video card last night (GTX 1050ti), and in my brief check to see if the game was working I also experienced a mouse issue. What I observed was that the mouse pointer was very erratic, as described above, and actually disappeared for quite some time. I noticed that this behavior was worse at higher fps than at lower fps. And then I noticed that the behavior was depended on the way the pointer is displayed. In particular, the erratic pointer was shaped like an arrow when it behave badly, but if it was shaped like a triangle, it was rock-solid. I think the first pointer is the system pointer, and the latter is the game pointer.

So, has anyone seen this before? If so, or if you just have some guidance to give, how can I fix it. It seems like I want a way to ensure the game is using its own pointer.

I thought I would circle back on this. I’m not sure that the issue is resolved, but I think it might be. When I verified the integrity of the game files in steam, it came up with three issues, and automatically deleted those files and re-downloaded them. Haven’t seen the issue again, but it’s only been two days, so I can’t be certain. Cautiously optimistic.