CS:GO dont start on Opensuse Tumbleweed

Hello friends! Please, I need help.:
I installed CSgo from Steam on Opensususe Tumbleweed but when I click play, a black screen appears and it
goes back to steam without starting the game. I already uninstalled and
reinstalled. I’ve already checked the integrity of the files. I even uninstalled
Steam and installed it again. I use a Radeon R7240 card. (Detail: I have the wndows 7
on the same machine and on the microsoft system the game runs normally). Does anyone have any suggestions?; Thanks

Hi, you need to give more info on what is actually failing. Maybe try running the game from console and register the errors you get.

Thanks for answering Bro! But what is the exact name of CS:Go to be typed into the terminal?

Thanks everyone for your help, but today my
openSUSE received updates and after that CS:GO starts normally now.
Thank you very much to everyone in the community.

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