Cryptkeeper & Fuse Problem (After kernel 3 upgrade)

hi all,
after upgrading to Kernel 3, i get the following error message while trying to mount my encrypted folder:

“Cryptkeeper cannot access fuse and so cannot start”,
“Check that fuse is installed and that you are a member of the fuse group.”

i checked in YasT and found that ‘fuse’ is installed
can this be a compatibility issue cryptkeeper is having with kernel 3? how to solve this issue?

I found this quote:

If I chmod /dev/fuse to 666, cryptkeeper works:

At this location: Full Text Bug Listing

It might be worth a try. The 666 struck me as kind of funny, if you know what I mean. >:)

Thank You,

@ jdmcdaniel3,

sorry for the late reply. i’ll give it a try and post the result. thanx a lot for your help:).

i think 666 will be better suited for ‘FreeBSD’>:)

it doesnt work:(. i got the following error:

chmod: invalid mode: `/dev/fuse’

I had the same problem. Tumbleweed, encfs, fuse and cryptkeeper 0.95 installed but it didn’t work.

Then I saw, the kernel module fuse is not loaded. After “modprobe fuse” cryptkeeper now does work very well :slight_smile:

In the Tumbleweed 3.0 kernel the fuse kernel module is not auto-loaded.

thanks a lot DBKK01. it WORKED! lol!