crossover cable ethernet

I’ve got a crossover ethernet cable made and i’m sure it is working. I’m running openSUSE 11 and the other PC is running Windows Xp. I tried my best with a manual configuration, with ip address and subnet mask to no avail. My nm-applet just crashes after some time. My dialup Reliance usb modem works fine. A notification comes that 'Wired connection is now connected, but when i take Computer>Places>Network servers I don’t see the other PC there. Is there any way to connect to server?
The other PC ip address is

Goto YaST > Network DEvices > Network Card.
In Global options choose: Traditional Method with ifup
Disable ipv6 when not already
Do not use DHCP
Goto tab Overvie and select card and click configure. Use static IP address and fill in the address and mask. For this connection use an address range not used by ant other NIC in both systems. This should be sufficient (hostname is allowed), so Next.

The test is by using (as root):

ping <IP-address-of-other-system>

When this is OK your cable works and the NICs are configured correct.
After that you can concentrate on any connections you want to run over it.

Just curious: are you trying to share files or are you trying to connect one computer to the internet through the other? (or both?)

If you are wanting to share files with the windows computer, you will have to make sure that samba is installed and the smb.conf file is properly configured. If you are just needing to get to the internet through the other computer, you will probably need to set the computer connected to the internet as your default gateway. You do not need samba to use a windows machine as a default gateway, but you do to see one another on the network. Hope this is of some help.

I am sorry, I forgot to mention setting DNS server.