CRISIS - Urgent help required - Grub error 5

Finally installed and booted into SUSE 11 after three weeks of trying. Powered down. Powered up again and am getting:

GRUB Loading stage1.5

GRUB loading, please wait
Error 5

Can’t use Windows, Linux or anything. Absolutely stuck.


use the install dvd
go to installation and use it to repair grub

you might want to explain what you thought you had done when installing grub initially.
how many HD’s have you got?

error 5 means Partition table invalid or corrupt

can you post how the configuration of your partitions is? (you can boot a live cd to find out)

I did it all from a d: drive. Which is where SUSE is installed. Didn’t think the c: drive (which has my windows) had been touched.

That’s not exactly very clear.
But maybe you installed grub on your 2nd (D) HD

If so you will need to make sure (D) is the first HD to boot in BIOS settings

But it kind of sounds like you may have messed up. Because if you you windows HD is currently 1st in BIOS it should still boot windows if grub wasn’t installed there.

You might want to read this:
Partitioning/Install Guide - openSUSE Forums

we really need more, clearer info from you.