Creative Zen Vision:M

I have been trying to use my Creative Zen Vision:M with OpenSuse for a while now. I can connect it fine and the system can see that it’s there and everything like that and it even recharges the battery which is a great bonus. And while I can drag and drop folders with music files onto it, it won’t update the playlist, in other words it knows there a files on the player but nothing else. So I usually have connect the Zen to my Windows machine drag them out of the player and drag the back in.

I’d rather use the Linux machine if I can help it any assistance would be great.

On 02/09/2011 11:36 AM, JudasDisciple wrote:
> I’d rather use the Linux machine if I can help it any assistance would
> be great.

does the maker of the Zen Vision provide a Linux client to manage the
play list/etc? (look on the web site or ask in their forums, maybe
there is one, maybe beta)

if not, contact them and (nicely) ask if they have plans to provide a
native client which runs in Linux…[of course, they will say no, but
if a they get asked a million times or more it might turn on a light
bulb over their pointy heads]

OR, see if the windows client they do provide will run in WINE, or
perhaps in a VM running an instance of Lose (sorry, Win)

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I have a Creative Zen and I can confirm that they don’t have a client for Linux and doesn’t seem to have plans for that… :\

Are you using GNOME or KDE ? My Zen works pretty fine in Amarok (but doesn’t copy the cover) and Banshee.

I’m using GNOME. I did try it on Banshee, but I switched to RhythmBox. I shall try the Amarok and see if that helps. I tried installing the Media Explorer with WINE but no luck.

Sh*t just realised. Amarok is a KDE program.

It didn’t work on Banshee ?