Creative X-Fi xtreme music & Surround upmix

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to this forum and the same goes for linux. A good friend of mine has been running linux in the past and I finally got round too installing!

I installed openSuSE 11.2 and updated everything. My sound card, an creative X-Fi xtreme music, was recognized in Amarok. The strange thing is that I can’t get al the channels too work at the same time. Amarok is showing under sound system al the channels seperatly (front/wavein), (Surround), (center/subwoofer). I can select all these channels and sounds comes out of the corresponding speakers.

My question is how can I get all these channels to play at the same time?

All the beste,

My apologies for a silly question. Did you look at the settings in your mixer?

kmix in KDE and possibly alsamixer in Gnome?

In the case of kmix you can add extra controls via the menu item channels(?) in kmix.

I’m working with KDE and have been working allot with Kmixer. All the channels are represented there and I turned up all the volumes. I can’t select any upmix, or merging options in Kmixer.

Support for the X-Fi is very new under Linux. I note from here: Matrix:Vendor-Creative Labs - AlsaProject

Supported on 1.0.21; EAX and Advanced sound options like crystalizer not available

I read that thread and checked my ALSA version. The strange thing is that the sound card is recognised in Amarok. I’ts only that all the seperate channels are displayed as seperate output devices instead of one soundcard.

Additional functions like crystaliser don’t interest me that much. I also updated ALSA but with no succes. :frowning: