Creative Technology - Cam Optia AF

I’m trying to get a Creative Technology - Cam Optia AF to work under Suse 11.1. The video works, but the audio input device only lists ‘default’ and ‘hdmi’. I checked the driver via yast, and didn’t find the UVC driver installed. If I try to install the UVC-default, I get a kernel error:

Package Dependencies
uvcvideo-kmp-default-r260_2.6.27.7_9.1-1.2.i586 requires kernel ( default:drivers_media_video) 8788f2fdffd4776f, but this requirement cannot be provided

uninstallable providers: kernel-default-[repo-oss]

downgrade of kernel-default- to kernel-default-

downgrade of kernel-default-base- to kernel-default-base-

Do I really need to downgrade my kernel? Seems a bit sub-optimal. Any other course of action possible?

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in post #8 domybsl reported resolving a problem: he said:

I verified with yast that the modules uvcvideo were installed.
The modules uvcvideo were installed, but was referred to kernel 2.6.25 (opensuse 11) and not of kernel 2.6.27 (opensuse11.1).
For some reason i don’t understand the program of updating didn’t update the drivers.;
I removed these modules. After I installed the new proper modules referred to kernel 2.6.27. After i rebooted and the webcam begun to work fine.

I hope to have been useful to somebody.

You might like to check that post, to see if it is of any help to you

You do not need “uvcvideo-kmp-whatever” on openSUSE 11.1, uvcvideo is already in your kernel.

If you really want to install uvcvideo-kmp then at least use a package for, if there are none available (which I doubt) then rebuild it from src.rpm (although the problem will mostly be not related to the driver itself).

My uvcvideo-device works fine under 11.1 with the in-kernel driver.


(So no further doubts anymore.)

That post mentions the drivers are installed, but are the wrong kernel. When I go to yast, there are NO uvc drivers installed at all. When I try to select them for installation, I get the error.

Akoellh mentions the drivers are already in my kernel, which is what I though with experience I had on another Suse 11.1 system. So my question is-- “Why doesn’t the USB audio device show up in Skype when I try to configure the audio? The video works fine; just no audio, and nothing to select. I expected it to be ‘all or nothing’, so it’s a little confusing.”