Creating shortcut ? (Moving Wine C: location)


So, using wine, it want to use the partition where the home is, but, that one is also one of the smaller.
Ive then looked for way to relocate the folder but it require to go creating a shortcut).

So, question is either how to create a link from a folder or if there is a way to move C: otherwise ?

Strange that wine do not have a setting specific for that this said.

Thanks !

Linking requires both moving the original and then linking it back. If your wine folder is in its default location ~/.wine

cd ~/.wine
mv drive_c /some/path/on/other/mounted/partition/
ln -s /some/path/on/other/mounted/partition/drive_c .

no need to be root. In fact, do this as the user owning the wine directory. That will make sure the user has write access to the target. Most of the content of the link you posted is, errm, rubbish.

Alternatively, you could move the whole .wine dir to the target and link it back. Just note that the target will not be part of backups unless you set specific options in whatever backup tool you use.

If you are using KDE, you can to the mv and linking in dolphin. Once you moved the dir to the new location, go back to origin, right click empty space, “new > simple shortcut to file or folder”, “filename” is the name of the link ie “drive_c” path is “/some/path/on/other/mounted/partition/drive_c”

Lastly, stop partitioning, use lvm :wink:

Ok, that did it ! Thank you !

As to informations online, indeed, knowing that most of the query Ive had as to my current system had years old results if any.