Creating Raid 5

After 19 years working with Windows, I am new to Linux.

I am installing openSuse 11.1 on a Dell Server. Had to use the Live CD because I did not have a DVD player. The Server has 5 18GB SCSI harddrives.

When I get to the Expert Partitioner and go to RAID and try to Add RAID, I receive the error message, “There is not enough suitable unused devices to create a RAID”.

I’ve looked at documentation and still don’t know how can I create a RAID 5?

Please help!

I think you jumped some information. What do you see at the partitioner? Are there indeed 5 disks. Are they not marked as used for something (maybe old file systems on them that you do not need any more, but the partitioner can not know that)?

I see all 5 drives at the partitioner. All drives were low level formatted.

/dev/sda 16.96 GB
/dev/sda1 1.48 GB F Linux Swap
/dev/sda2 6.55 GB F Linux Native FS Type Ext3
/dev/sda3 8.92 GB F Linux Native FS Type Ext3
/dev/sdb 16.96 GB Start 0 End 2212
/dev/sdc 16.96 GB Start 0 End 2212
/dev/sdd 16.96 GB Start 0 End 2212
/dev/sde 16.96 GB Start 0 End 2212

Then I click add RAID and receive the error, “There are not enough suitable unused devices to create a RAID.”

One of them, sda, has partitions on it, so it may not be seen as ‘free’.

You need at least three disks, you have four. Hm, I admit that I do not know why it does not work. I have no experience with RAID on Linux, but as I missed some info, I asked you to provide it so somebody with more knowledge might jump in here.

Does anyone know?

mrkhugh wrote:

> Does anyone know?

Never have had to do that before :-?

You can try following the advice of this thread:

Creating software raid5 array under opensuse 11.1



You need to create a partition on each device then set the File Sytem
ID as Linux RAID in the dropdown selection. Once this is done you can
then select RAID in the system view. Note, you need to leave room for
swap and a /boot partition on one/more of the devices.

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OK, this is working now, I assume. Since I’m new to Linux I’m not 100% sure because when I click on My Computer, I only see the boot partition and the swap file partition. I created RAID on 3 of my 5 drives but I do not see them in My Computer.

If I click on YasT and go to System, Partition, I can see all 3 drives that were RAIDed along with the other 2 drives that were not. Is this the only way that I can see the RAID drives?