Creating multiple proxy servers on opensuse

hello all,

can i have multiple proxy servers for each subnet as a child server from the parent proxy servers? if it can please tell me how?

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Proxy server as in squid? You don’t need multiple servers. You can have different ACLs for each subnet.

i c that but, what i need is creating chiled servers on one big network

What is a chiled server? Something that serves cold web pages? :slight_smile:

Sure you can run multiple squids, you just have to make sure they are binding to different addresses, then they won’t interfere. Or use different ports. However you will have to write your own init scripts, the one provided assumes you only want to start one.

I still don’t understand what your objection to a master squid is. Squid has no problems serving multiple clients; it will fork or create threads for multitasking.