Creating ISO-file from burn't ISO-file on CD-R gives different file length


I downloaded three iso-images, 1 dvd-image and 2 cd-images:


Being paranoid, I created iso-files from the burnt DVD-R and the two burnt CD-R to verify integrity.

The iso-file of the DVD-R was identical to the downloaded image.
Both iso-files created from the CD-R were different in size.

The original size of openSUSE-11.3-KDE4-LiveCD-i686.iso
is 719.323.136 Bytes.

I only got 718.938.112 Bytes when recreating an ISO-file from my CD-R.

The CD-R is from Sony.
When the length of my ISO-file doesn’t correspond to the downloaded one, the checksum file verification doesn’t work.

Any hints?

Thank you.


You burned the original .iso to media then did create .iso of the burned media

You would need to have checked the md5sum of the burned media, not just the original .iso

I created the .iso of the burned media because I can’t verfiy the integrity of the burned media directly with the checksum.

But that’s exactly what I did as written above:

I verified both files, the downloaded one which is fine and the one generated out of my burned CD-R.
I created the iso-file from the burned media in order to verifiy the iso-file, because I can’t verify the media directly.

To check the burned media, see the article over in the ‘Unreviewed How To and FAQs’ forum by Vodoo on How to burn your Installation DVD.