Creating Icons for Install Apps

Hiya, am a Newbie who has moved from Suse 10.3 to 11.1 in quick succession from ‘another O.S.’ and have just compiled my first program(GnuBackgammon) and I can run it fine from terminal but my question is why did it not put an icon on desktop and how to correct this.

Many sources don’t contain desktop shortcuts. Since your program runs from a terminal, it’s been put in the right path. Therefore the most elegant way is this:
Right-click the startmenu button, pick Menu Editor. Browse categories and subcategories for the place you want your program to appear, right-click and pick New Item. Now you can fill that out, pick an icon for the program, save and exit. The program is now found in the Menu and can be dragged and dropped to the desktop.

If you just want a shortcut on the desktop, right-click it, pick Add application. Pick an icon and fill out the necessary stuff and you’re done

Good luck

Thanks Knurpht,
All sorted now. Its just so that I don’t scare people off by using the terminal all the time to launch apps. Now I can crack on installing more stuff and getting to grips with it all.