Creating and migrating a menu

I’ve created a custom menu of commonly used apps for adding to the main
panel similar to the windoze quick launch

I want to maybe make a script for adding the same menu to other user
accounts, or just do it manually by copying over the necessary files

Looked up some info on how menus are created by installations and
identified the files that making my menu created

I’ve got the following files:


(There are also .directory files for submenus of my Menu in

/home/user/.kde/share/apps/RecentDocuments/My Menu.desktop


I wasn’t able to find those last two files anywhere other than in

From what I’ve read on the files needed for a menu, My Menu.desktop at
least I would’ve thought should be somewhere other than RecentDocuments,
but I’m damned if I could find it anywhere

I copied all the files relating to the menu I made from the user’s
folders I created it in to another user’s folder in the corresponding
locations and set the permissions accordingly

Obviously there’s something more I need to do because the menu isn’t
there when I log into the account

Anyone have any ideas what I need to do here to get the menu loading?


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I seem to be developing a habit of asking questions people don’t know
the answer to … either that or I’m asking them wrong

The last one I asked that no-one really answered I eventually solved by
uninstalling and reinstalling the app around fourteen times, that
approach isn’t gonna apply to this one though

Probably end up being a case of either keep doing it the long way round
or do a load more reading and playing until I eventually figure it out
myself … it’s all good fun


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