Creating a text file results another file with ending "~"


To take quick notes I was always using “create new text document” shortcut on Windows system. I creates a .txt plain text document without any format features on text.

I continue to use this on opensuse, but I always creates another file ending with “~” when I saved the text file. I’s disturbing cause I cerate that files on my folder view to see them easily. When I see such a ending duplicate of my files, I remove them by hand.

Also when I try to open .txt files created on windows system always complain about the text encoding on opensuse.

What is the way of creating text file quickly without any duplicates and opening .txt files with correct unicode detection?


Default in most Linux, it’s a backup of the file you were altering, just in case.:wink:

Your first questin allready answered by caf4926.

What is the program that opens the file and what is the complaint (please copy and paste).

Are you sure the fie created on Windows is an UTF-8 encoded Unicode file?