Creating a shortcut key in KDE 4x vs KDE 3.5x problem

I have noticed in KDE 4.x that I can no longer create a shortcut key beginning with ALT. I am trying to create a short key for konsole.

The short cut key that I used in KDE 3.5x was ALT+CTRL+K.

However, KDE 4.x always switches to CTRL+ALT+K. The problem with this is that KDE uses CTRL+ALT+K to switch between two languages on a single keyboard.

Any thoughts?

Are you setting it like this](

Yes. I clicked once on the None button to the right of the Current shortcut key.
Next, I held down the ALT key, then CTRL and “K” key.

The problem is that the CTRL key always defaults as the first key in the sequence CTRL+ALT+K which is wrong.

It should be ALT key first , CTRL key second and “K” third. Give it a try in KDE-3.5. I am wondering if this has been overlooked in KDE 4x.

Not sure then. I was just pointing you in the right direction I thought. I really don’t use keyboard short cuts except the basics; Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, etc… You seem to know more about it than me.
But it seems like maybe the Ctrl is controling things, I wonder if it’s possible to switch control to Alt?

It was my understanding Linux used the “ALT” key first for customized shortcuts - such as starting up any apps and utilities.

For now, I am using CTRL+ALT+K to start up Konsole. My keyboard is used for English only anyways.

I will post this to the KDE team… Go figure…