Creating a LiveCD "Backup" From OpenSUSE Install on HDD

Hello Gurus,

I followed a “HowTo” for the Ubuntu flavor on creating a LiveCD/DVD from my local Linux installation here:

How to make a live CD/DVD from your harddisk installation - Ubuntu Forums

However, I cannot seem to find anything like this for OpenSUSE. Since OpenSUSE is quite a bit different than Ubuntu, I thought I should ask the gurus for help…you! :wink:

Why am I wanting to do this? Well, my work computer runs OpenSUSE with all kinds of different software packages installed. My configuration files (.toolrc, .cshrc, .vimrc etc etc) are stored on a network drive, so I am not worried about those. I AM however trying to backup my local install so that if (when) my HDD takes a dump it is somewhat easy to restore and I don’t have to reinstall all of the .rpms.

I’d like to configure the “backup file” as a LiveCD ISO so that if my machine itself dies (its a pretty old box) I don’t have to worry about ghosting the image back to a HDD connected to an identical system.

Maybe I am thinking about this the wrong way, and using dd would be fine even if changing systems?

Thanks for helping the n00b, please be delicate in your response. I’ve been trolled many times on this forum and it’s not fun. :’(


I am not sure, but I think you can find something to help with the KIWI portal : Portal:KIWI - openSUSE

@DaaX Awesome, this looks great and a lot more stream lined than the Ubuntu option I have used before. Let me give this a try, thanks!!

Give us some feedbacks, 'cause I am looking for a similar application.

No problem, happy it helps. :wink:

Hi guys,
need exactly the same. I am too lazy lol! to install from scratch to my laptop and install all the stuff again, transfer the settings etc. I already used mklivecd in PCLOS to create live installation DVD from my HDD install and successfully installed it on my laptop. Now I would like to replace it with Opensuse 12.2. from my desktop.

Did you already use the KIWI for such task?

  1. If I use SDB:KIWI Cookbook LiveSystem - will I also have installer on my live media?

  2. I use proprietary nVidia drivers on my desktop (AMD CPU with nVidia chipset and onboard graphics), but the laptop has Intel i3 with Intel graphics - it there any problem or will the system just use appropriate driver (in PCLOS, the live DVD contained all the drivers but used the right one correctly leaving the other unused) or do I have to do some changes or something else?


In your case I’d rather have a look at SUSE Studio. That’s a webbased tool that allows you to create your own install media, incl. extra patterns/packages that you want to use.

openSUSE cannot include the NVIDIA drivers, for legal reasons. But one can install the quite easy. Most video drivers are included in the kernel.

Hm, the nVidia driver is not needed for the installation DVD for the laptop. and in fact it would be a minor issue. However, it requires to download all the packages once again although I have them already. And what about my settings? I have to transfer them manually? There is no way to get installable live DVD from my HDD installation like with mklivecd?