creating a calendar in writer - template help needet

Dear Gentlemen,

hope you are all right. Merry Christmas!!

currently workin on a calendar for the new year - a dayly planner - diary!
a GTD (Get things done thing) based on a diary with planner-options
it is created in open office or /libre office

see a overwiew of what is aimed:

the question is: how do i get the months that are shown in the bottom - in the footer of the
layout. How can i manage to get the months for the whole year.

note: the months are shown below - for each week in each month we have some little overviews
that show

a. the current month
b. the previous month
c. the month that comes later

see the document as it is: 02.odt

see the examples for for more infos;

note: that is an example for the month of march. Well - how can i do this for the whole year.
It is pretty difficult to create the calendar in the bottom. Can you help me here…!?

plz ask if i have to explain more deeply


see more infos here:

btw: there are more infos that go into the calendar. i do a import of the data
i import 365 texts called losungen that are biblical notes and verbs. see.
note: no problem with the import of all those data: all that goes well and is no problem at all.
see an example

From day one openOffice supports html
So i can just copy and paste calendar available online like this into the footer

Calendar is from :-

sample :-
One more possibility is download calendar template from here
copy paste into footer

Good Morning dear vazhavandan, :slight_smile:

Many thanks - this is a great posting and a very good sloution. i like your ideas very much:

One more possibility is download calendar template from here…-template.html
copy paste into footer - sample:-

i love this solution derived from a vertex42 image very much.

Question: Where to find this little tiny images:

i found this files below: do you mean those download links that can be found here: *
“For Download our 12-month 2013 Calendar as an OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet template (.ots file):”*

dear vazhavandan can you give me the concrete donwload-link. I am a bit lost…:wink:

is it one of those both links;
Thank You for Downloading the 2013 Calendar
Thank You for Downloading the 2013 Calendar - Portrait

look forward to hear from you - any and all help is greatly appreciated

greetings - and have a great day!:slight_smile:

hi there

found it out - this one is it:
Perpetual Calendar Template…

Perpetual Calendar Template - Free Perpetual Calendar

many many thanks


I noticed that you are using 11.4 which has reached End Of Life(EOL). Consider upgrading to 12.1 and then 12.2
I know that 11.4 has been adopted by Evergreen project but you may not be to install newer versions of software Eg:-Libreoffice

Question: Where to find this little tiny images:

This is what i did:-
==>download this zip:-
==>Right click on zip and “Extract Here”
==>Navigate into the new folder. Open 2013-calendar.xls by double clicking
==>Open “2013”(first one) tab inside the spreadsheet
==>Copy from B5 : X12
==>Open new writer
==>click on plus in footer like this
==>paste into footer and we are done :slight_smile:

hello dear vazhavandan,

again many thanks that is very very good.

well this helps me a lot.

on my current step to finish the calendar i have some troubles with the formate.

note: i do a import of 365 texts that are derived from Die Losungen - Gottes Wort f - see there the downloads.

This should get into a diary-planner - layouted in a weekly fashion

starting with monday on the left side and ending with sunday on the right site:


with this calendar everything is all right - see all is nice.
but if i want to import all the data i get into trouble… then i get lost the sheme

**left side:

right side:**
saturday and sunday

well - while finishing the calendar i have seen that i get into some issues that seems to damage this concrete layout-thing.

where i have packed all togehter…:wink:

Can you give me some hints…

look forward to hear from you


sorry,I don’t know how to import the data from the spreadsheet to writer document
Did you follow a process to import the data. If you do you have a link ?

hello my dear - many thanks for the reply

you follow the steps of creating a serial letter.

therefore we need the database

take the document the odt - and save it locally 
the file contains filds for a serial letter that fit to the xls-file (database) that is contained in the zipped-file  
open the odt-file buchkalender 01.odt

have a closer look and switch the view to "fieldnames" with f9 
afterwards you can go to  -edit- and "exchange the database"  
choose the database and set it as the current database - click it.  

extras - "serial letter creation"  

document-type: letter 

follow the instructions 

if you have any question just lemme know . i come back later with more explanations

until later

hello dear

here another template - which also works with the database that is delivered in the zip-file.


you can see the field names and all that things.

and with that template you can see how it woks
the steps:

edit / exchange the datbase - set it to the according db that is delivered with the zip
extra: serial letter creation: follow the steps that you need to follow if you want to create a serial letter

and finally you get the document with the inserted texts.

note: with this one - it is no problem you should get a diary that looks exacly how it is neeedet:
left side: **

right side: **

saturday / sunday

what is aimed: i want to have the more elaborated template - the buchkalender - template. it looks pretty impressive and has got all the nice features that are wanted and needet.
so if we manage to get it with the above mentioned layout left side and right side accordingly then it would be great

do not hesitate to ask if you have any question

love to hear from you

Got the body part . I think you did mail merge
What about the footer? how was it created ?

hello dear friend,

great to hear from you - i am overwhelmed - really.:wink:

mail merge is the “right term” - you ve got it!!

the footer: it was created by a friend. But your solution is quite better i love it more.

the footer in the the above (threastart) example shown has got too much micro-calendars in the footer. You only need to have them on one side not on both! Or what do you think.
What is aimed with the footer: showing the corresponding months of the current month. Therefore we do not need to have it on both sites on the left and on the rihgt

i like your solutions - to put the vertex42-calendars into the footer - it is very nice, colored and very very neat. a very pretty solution.

so if we - for example have more free space on the right site then we can use it for extra (additional) notes.

what do you say!?

if you have any questions - do not hesitate to ask again…

many many thanks for any and all help - you work rocks

love to hear from you:)

Coloured will look good only if you print in Colour otherwise we must choose something in grayscale(similar to black and white monitor display)
I used to love grayscale monitors a lot but technology must progress and we have colour monitors !!

hello dear vazhavandan,:wink:

thx for the posting. great to hear from you

well - regarding the calendar that are shown in the footer - and that are showing the corresponding months.

you showed the nice and good looking solution - here from Perpetual Calendar Template - Free Perpetual Calendar

those calendars look great - i love the colors

yeah - i also love grayscale colors - and monitors - i love those colors also very much… So just try to take some good looking ones - i love them all.

vazhavandan - your help is so overwhlmingly! i am very very happy! :slight_smile:

check this out
Download Buchkalender 01.odt - Hide My Ass!
does this resemble as to what you want?

hello vazhavandan, dear friend

exacly thats it. youve got it. How did you got it in such a great way… it looks great!

vazhavandan, the big big thing is: how to run the template to get the 12 months without any issues? can you help me with that!?
ive downloaded all the stuff: the microcalendar in the footer are great!!!

btw: the microcalendar in the footer are really very neat. we do not need it on every page - ie. not on the left and the right page. if we have igt on only one page then we are lucky. Note: those little calendars (by vertex42) are only “reminders” for the user of the calendar to have some contextual information.

so - if we run the template to create the whole 12 months then we do have some advantage.

  • if we place the micro-calendars of vertex42 on the left side then…
  • we can leave the space in the footer below of “saturday and sunday” free - for additional notes.

what do you think!?

btw - one last thing. the VERTEX42 also have german microcalendars… but thats no big thing. we can use the english ones

vazhavandan, again the big big thing is: how to run the template to get the 12 months without any issues?
can you help me with that!?

how to treat the template to run it so that it creates 12 months with all the necessary items…;

  • the correct - corresponding - microcalendars in the footer of the - let us say left page…

love to hear from you


Here is what i did
I downloaded your
got the Buchkalender 01.odt from it . Did not do mail merge
You seem to have got it right.
download this zip:-
Open 2013-calendar.xls by double clicking
Open “2013”(first one) tab inside the spreadsheet
Copy from B5 : X12
deleted the calendar from Buchkalender 01.odt
clicked on plus in footer like this
paste into footer and then right click on small calendar ==>Object==>Type tab==>Turn on “Keep ratio”==>make height 2.68 cm

Since the small / micro calendar is static we need 12 sets of calendars
Do mail merge an create document for each month like Jan 2013.odt ,Feb2013.odt etc till Dec2013.odt
Paste the calendars and resize as described above.
You can use the small micro calendar in german too :slight_smile: I am using English version because i don’t know german
There are no left and right pages in Libreoffice . That is how pages are shown by default in Libreoffice. You can change layout by clicking the three icons at the bottom near the page zoom slider

On another not :-I studied a little bit of French lundi mardi mecredi(monday Tuesday wednesday) oops cannot recollect more beaucoup merci(thanks) . Conjugation of verbs was cool though :slight_smile:

hello dear friend

many many thanks for the

Do mail merge an create document for each month like Jan 2013.odt ,Feb2013.odt etc till Dec2013.odt

did you treat the files in some way to do the mailmerge

how can it be created in singualr fashion - ie for only one month?

i will try it out.
and come back later to report all the findings


hello again,

thx for the reply:

i tried to do as adviced? I run into some issues - see below.

questions: how did you delete buchkalender 01?

EVERYTIME I TRY IT: i get some issues with the layout.

i am able to create one month with a nice and good looking layout - with

**left side:
right side

saturday ;; Sunday

well everytime i try to do the automated creation with “mail-merge” then i get issues with this design.
then i run into trouble with this layout. To spell it out. After the creation of several month the process of “mail-merge” is
running in to issues - then i have a messed up layout with something like that
left side: **

right side: **

and so on… that makes me clueless.

The question is: how to get a layout for the 12 months that looks good: - with the following design
left side: **
right side**
saturday ;; Sunday

last question: how did you manage to create 12 calendars for 12 monhts.
to get this you have to shorten the range of the imported data from database

note: we have 12 months and 365 days in the excel-spreadsheet
how to get a monthly based calendar!?

everytime i try it i get a calendar from first of january to 31 of december - with all the
mentioned constraints and ill-formated layout.

Well i got stuck here…

what do you advice?! look forward to hear from you.