createrepo_c and DRPMs

Hello! Hoping for help with creation of RPM repos with DRPMs that will work with Tumbleweed.

We operate a fleet of retail kiosks, running OpenSUSE, with cellular connectivity. Since we pay for data, we want to minimize the size of downloads, so when we update either our own software or OS packages on the kiosks, we want to provide DRPMs in our repos. Under Leap 42.3, we were easily able to do that with the “–deltas” option to “createrepo”.

Now we’re using Tumbleweed on our kiosks, and want to use the same functionality. But “createrepo_c” doesn’t come with DRPM functionality pre-enabled. We downloaded the source and compiled it with “-DENABLE_DRPM=ON”, and it now tries to make DRPMs, but fails with messages of the type

C_CREATEREPOLIB: Warning: Cannot generate delta qt3-3.3.1-mk/noarch/agent-896-3.3.1.noarch.rpm -> qt3-4.0-mk/noarch/agent-947-4.0.noarch.rpm : Deltarpm cannot make qt3-4.0-mk/drpms/agent-896-3.3.1_947-4.0.noarch.drpm (4) from old: qt3-3.3.1-mk/noarch/agent-896-3.3.1.noarch.rpm and new: qt3-4.0-mk/noarch/agent-947-4.0.noarch.rpm

Can anyone point us in the direction of being able to create DRPMs that will work with Tumbleweed? If we need to use a different OS to create/host the DRPMs, we’re open to that. Thank you!

Hi and Welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
AFAIK, delta rpms are not available in Tumbleweed as each release is a new snapshot. MicroOS would likely be a better option? Or Leap Micro openSUSE Leap Micro 5.2 - Get openSUSE

Right, I understand that DRPMs are not created for Tumbleweed. We can create the DRPMs ourselves between snapshots of Tumbleweed, if there are tools to do so. But I will check out those links as well, thank you!