Create Windows Share OpenSUS 13.2

Can the configuration following be done?
I have an HP DL380 G5 server running ESXi 5.0 which I installed new (1/5/20150 VMWare Virtual machine OpenSUSE 13.2 . The physical server has an HP Smart Array 642 SCSI controller connected to an HP MSA20 containing 2 RAID5 Volumes of 3x750GB SATA drives each (approx. 1.3TB each).
I have Samba installed, but when I try to follow the tutorial I found and get to the step that says to open “localhost:901”, in Firefox I get: Server not found.
I need to create a Windows share of these two volumes on the MSA20 to use as Disk2Disk backup for my BackupExec 2014 program. I had to create two because of a 2TB limitation not allowing all six to be in one RAID5.
I am very new to OpenSUSE so need explicit instructions if it is possible.
Do I need iSCSI initiator?
All help is greatly appreciated.
PS, when I ran sudo systemctl status -l smb on the 7th, I get several: “SVCCTL_GETSERVICEDISPLAYNAMEW failed”

No response after 10 days, so I am taking that to mean this is not possible.
I will install Windows 2008 in place of the ESXi system and that will allow me to share the MSA20 drive.
consider this post closed, I do not see anyplace to do that.

I didn’t even notice your post due to being away but you should have installed yast2-samba-server and used YAST / Network Services / Samba Server to create the shares if you had the array already mounted and initialized in Linux.

You didn’t specify whether you had the MSA20 mounted as a datastore in ESX or if it was simply presented to the virtualized OS as an array via passthrough

I can see the HP smart Array 642 in the Host but cannot see it in OpenSUSE. I posted on Experts Exchange yesterday and was told the ESXi has to be installed in the MSA20 in order for that to work. I do not want to do that so have proceeded in formatting and converting Server to Windows 2008 R2.

I’m not quite sure why they would say that since if you can see the array on the ESX server, you can either mount it as a datastore and use that to attach it to the Linux VM or just use it as a raw device.

However, as I always say - use whatever tool that gets the job done so if Win2k8R2 does it it’s all good - just don’t use 2k12 if you aren’t suicidal - it’s awful.

Thanks Miuku,
I had hoped to learn OpenSUSE, but will need to acquire another server, or perhaps a good workstation to play with.
Have a Great Day