create RPM for OpenSuse

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to find a decent step by step tutorial on how to create an RPM package for OpenSuse. Maybe it’s me, but I find the OpenSuse WIKI on packaging a little bit chaotic…

I found the following on a forum, but it dates back from 2009:

Do you guys know if there’s a good recent wiki/tutorial out there with examples without using OBS? I just want to try it first without the Open Build System.


Depends, just look at a package on OBS for an example… a quick one is, open a terminal and run;

vi my_first.spec

It also all depends on what your trying to compile… you will need to have the likes of make, gcc, patch, rpm-build installed. Remember, all done as your user, NOT root :wink: When running rpmbuild it will create a rpmbuild directory in your $HOME where it puts all it bits and pieces…

Actually I wanted to try a simple ‘Hello World’ program written in C. It doesn’t get simpler than that I guess :wink:
Would the above steps work in that case?

Follow this Fedora howto… Just start from the section “Building a “Hello World” RPM” this should get you started, there are items there that are not used in openSUSE. Suggest a read here: Portal:Packaging - openSUSE