Create offline repo from *.ymp file

Is that possible to create offline repositories from *.ymp file ?

When user clicks *.ymp file, normaly yast will run One Click Installer.
The installer then downloads all selected packages (also with all dependencies). Is that possible to dump all of that packages into one directory ? Then users can create offline repositories from that directory. Repos than can be burned into DVD, and distribute to other users.
This way will save users from loosing money. They dont have to connect internet everytime they try to install packages included in *.ymp file. They just need to use offline repo (explained before) created by another user.
And this way will help other users who don’t have internet connection.

Thanks for your responses.

I hope to be wrong but it 's not possible at least in an intuitive way. The times of 10.1 has gone when you only needed to check a box saying: do not delete packages after install. Anyway i started years ago to develop my personal repo. I download a package of my interest then try to install with rpm. I then download also every package it complains to be missing. It is a recursive job and very tedious. Search this forum against doctorjohn2: if did a great work in this manner for multimedia support.

As of 11.0 you can again keep downloaded packages, set keeppackages=1 in /etc/zypp/repos.d/*.repo. This would enable you to keep the packages that are downloaded and make a copy.

However, this does not really allow for your use case. The YMP lists some packages that should be installed, but the package manager will also install all their dependencies. Now the problem is that everyone will have a different set of packages installed, and hence will require different packages to be installed to fulfil dependencies. Therefore simply giving the packages that you needed to someone else will not necessarily be sufficient.

If you want to provide hassle free offline installs you should really copy the complete repositories.

Great tip to start from. Thank you. I was really missing