Create new partition without formating

Hi people, i have a (hopefully) simple question. When i installed tumbleweed i gave all the free space to /. is there any way to reclaim a few gb as an empty partition? i wanna install windows for a few games that can’t run on wine

What file system in use on /?

Its a Btrfs. There is a lot of free space in it

Probably easier to do a fresh install? You would need to boot from a live rescue system, mount the disk partition and use the resize command, never needed or tested… :frowning:

If a fresh install then I would also boot from a live rescue and pre-configure the disk…

Hi Malcolm,

Why is it required to use a rescue system? I always thought one of the benefits of BTRFS is resizing of mounted filesystems:

resize <devid>:]+/-]<size>[kKmMgGtTpPeE]|<devid>:]max <path> Resize a mounted filesystem identified by path. A particular device can be resized by specifying a devid.

Like I indicated, never needed it… my current system is only using 13 GiB with almost 38 GiB free… :wink:

Erring on the side of caution…

Same here…well… got a system that could use a little more space for root. That’s why I searched for this option. But yet I’m too much a!

Resizing filesystem is not an issue. It is resizing of underlying device (partition) that could be tricky.

But yes, this should be possible, even online for mounted root. I would first shrink filesystem to (much) smaller size than needed to have safety margin, resize partition to needed size and then resize filesystem to full remaining partition size to not waste space. See e.g.

Thanks for that advice and link. I would also have considered a safety margin between FS and partition. Well, when winter comes and long distance travel for business still out of option - I’ll look into that along with upgrading all systems to 15.3. :wink:

GParted can shrink an online btrfs filesystem and the underlying partition in one step.