Create Milestone 2 from a folder?

I downloaded a Milestone 2 DVD image, i copied the content to a folder. Then i realised i left a bad DVD image (after the broken delta image), is there any way to recreate that image off that folder without actually downloading the whole DVD??

No guarantee it will work

Could try to make an iso then try to find a torrent client with the iso. Make sure it is named exactly the same point the download at the iso and let it check it. Also structure needs to be exactly the same.

Wll, thanks for suggestion, i tried it and it didn’t work so i was looking for some other suggestion :wink:

Ktorrent behaves quite weird if i do it as suggested, it will show about ~3000000 bad blocks/chunks and after some time it will show me that nothing was downloaded.

I always though that an iso image is object based and not bit based as a bin file, hmmm

The ISO’s are bootable images. If you mount them and copy the content of them, you don’t copy the bootsector of the image. At least that’s what I think is the problem.

The torrent trick should do the thing though. Try this:
Start k3b, create a new data dvd project with the contents of the downloaded image. Tell k3b to only create an image and name that image exactly the same as the downloaded image.
Download the corresponding torrent file for the image, open it with ktorrent and find out where to download. Tried this on a live-CD and it’s torrent and it worked. But then again, if you know the download is corrupt, you don’t know what you have and don’t have, so ktorrent might be right.
Don’t wait too long, download again and check media before installing.

I also tried this but it didn’t work, thanks for suggestion anyway. As it turned out i had it on my other disk rotfl!
I had to download about 2GB of updates anyway :smiley:
Still it is superior when compared to 11.1, for now i’m running it as my full time OS:)