Create image of OS


I just got my system running / configured the way I want it, Is there a way to create a image of it (including all /home documents) so I can clone it to another drive?

JOhn Kilbert

If the other machine is the same architecture you could use clonezilla to create an image of the partition and then restore this image on the new drive:

I’m not exactly sure what are your exact requirements so if you would elaborate on the details it would be easier to give some suggestions.


Machine would be same (amd) I want to save a copy of my OS including all enabled repos, settings, passwords, logins, etc… so I can just clone the existing drive to another (even if a different size) and have basically a duplicate machine all set up the way I have it today.

Thanks Much!

You can clone it to a larger drive, but not to a smaller drive. Each target partition must be the same size or larger for Clonezilla to restore it.

Note if changing hardware best to run mkinitrd to re-discover the hardware there can be minor difference.

I’m a big fan of fsarchiver.

You’ll need to boot from a live cd, I like this one,

This will restore to different filesystems and I believe it supports smaller or larger partitions. It’s very powerful, but CLI only.