create folder on desktop

how come when i right click on an open space on the desktop there isnt an option to create a folder??

i also cant copy and paste a file and/or folder from a cd to my desktop. no options for that either on a right click?

wheres the options on kde4 suse 11?


since it is plasma you can’t add desktop folders in kde4
depending on which version of kde4 your running you can add a widget that shows folders etc… and create them

version kde4.0.4 >=20080505 release 15.1.

i took at look at the widgets, not sure what to add but didnt see anything that resembles a folder.

so i guess i cant copy and paste either?

Go to Dolphin in your /home find Desktop open it right click in there you’ll get to create a “new folder” in there. Then from the /home/Desktop drag & drop your “new folder” to the desktop.
If all has gone well you’ll have “new folder” in both you/home/Desktop & on the desktop you look at all the time.

that version of kde4 doesn’t have the folder veiw have to have 4.1 beta 2 if im not mistaken
take a look at this months screenshot thread and you will see what i mean