Create dummy interface

Hi guys.

Thank you all for your help in advanced.
I am total newbie when it comes to SUSE. Its a new flavor for me.
I am stuck trying to create a dummy0 interface.
On another flavors I used modprobe dummy0 but since I am a total newbie to this I do not know how to do it.
If a question pops up of why would i want to use a dummy interface.
I need it I am installing a Xen virtual server on SUSE 12.1 minimal install and I have public IP’s. I can’t use NAT scenario I need to use a bridge but can’t use the eth0 as the bridge as my second set of ip’s hard the third octet of the ip totally different from the eth0. I have set this scenario hundreds of times in CentOS but now I need to do it over SUSE.
Any one can teach me how to do it? or point me in the right direction to some reading?