Create calendar pdf output takes hours - a bug never fixed since many months

Printing to PDF file / creating a calendar in Gwenview or digikam as reported almost half a year ago

is impossible to this date using a fully updated opensuse 11.2 system under KDE4

until my previous opensuse 11.0 / KDE3 everything went smooth.
It seems no one is doing any effort to solve the issue/bug.

does anyone have a work around or solution how to solve this print to PDF problem for calendar creation? its time to create 2011 calendars NOW and no linux application available to do that job.

any OTHER linux application known to create printable calendars ??

any serious help appreciated and welcome

Have you seen 2011 Calendar with holidays | Templates for use with OpenOffice?

The template is nowhere near as pretty as the layout on your website, but it could probably be reformatted quite easily, and I’ve never had a problem creating PDF’s from Open Office apps.

Done no testing but OOo does pdf export quick google found me some calc templates…

Calendar | Templates

Following links got to this Free Photo Calendar Template - Create a Printable Photo Calendar might need to read the small print. I would of thought it would give you some ideas how to do the same in calc your self and perhaps there is a template with a better usage notice(Though I struggle to see how. That format is pretty standard to me, I would of thought you would be creating something very similar even without seeing the template from scratch.).