create bootable usb from windows

in opensuse 11.2 rc1 release announcement there’s a command with which we’re supposed to write iso to usb, but this command is for linux. right? how do i create a bootable usb from windows vista?

There is a utility called unetbootin (here) that might help you out.

Read the instructions carefully !


What have u tried?

do this work?
Install Linux From USB | Go IT

unetbootin fails to extract files from iso to usb on vista. when i tried to do it from another laptop’s xp, i succeeded but i got an error something about failing to find mbr devices and some number when booting from usb on vista laptop.

Haven’t used unetbootin so don’t know why it shouldn’t work under Vista - and don’t have a Vista machine to try it anyway!

But when you “succeeded” on an XP machine, had you formatted the USB stick first? And does your target laptop support and have enabled booting from USB? A note of the exact error message at boot might give a pointer.


yes, i did format it. and the target laptop is capable of booting from usb. but nevermind, i got a cd-rw and burned iso there. anyway thanks for help.

If it’s any consolation, I tried unetbootin with its default options to make an 11.2RC1 bootable USB and the target machine didn’t even recognize a bootable device; choosing “no” to adding its own sysliux, etc files allowed the device to be recognized but a “Boot Error” mesage when selected.

But my gparted iso created a functioning bootable USB !

Anyway you’ve got a working cd now.

Apologies, will try things before recommending in future !