create_ap not work: Failed to initialize interface

After switching to the opensuse distribution, I see the following error when running create_ap:

Config dir: /tmp/create_ap.wlo1.conf.tVd1bA3p
PID: 12091
Network Manager found, set ap0 as unmanaged device... DONE
wlo1 is already associated with channel 10 (2457 MHz), fallback to channel 10
Creating a virtual WiFi interface... ap0 created.
Sharing Internet using method: nat
Setting /usr/sbin/dnsmasq to complain mode.
Warning: profile dnsmasq represents multiple programs
Warning: profile dnsmasq represents multiple programs
hostapd command-line interface: hostapd_cli -p /tmp/create_ap.wlo1.conf.tVd1bA3p/hostapd_ctrl
Could not open configuration file '/tmp/create_ap.wlo1.conf.tVd1bA3p/hostapd.conf' for reading.
Failed to set up interface with /tmp/create_ap.wlo1.conf.tVd1bA3p/hostapd.conf
Failed to initialize interface

Error: Failed to run hostapd, maybe a program is interfering.
If an error like 'n80211: Could not configure driver mode' was thrown
try running the following before starting create_ap:
    nmcli r wifi off
    rfkill unblock wlan

Doing cleanup.. done

run as

sudo create_ap wlo1 wlo1 wifi

Please help me, I really need this program

Start with explaining what create_ap is and where you got it from.

You can find this out on the internet.
For a week of use, I realized that I installed this system in vain, I’d better go change the distribution kit and I won’t waste time on this nonsense anymore:sarcastic:

Strange way to get people willing to help you

You are welcome. Enjoy what you like.

create_ap is no longer maintained

The feeling is mutual.