Create an auto-logging.

I have a second computer.I want to be use it like a web server. I want to be able to do the basic operation with only a console. And without a monitor on this computer. What do a need in the server side and client side. ( if there is and article, just give me a link)

I read somewhere their is a possibility to auto-log with an encrypted sequence. What is the name of this technique ( It is hard to find documentation when you do know a single keyword)

When you describe a machine without a monitor, keyboard and mouse, you’re describing a “headless server.”
Sometimes people hook up a monitor, keyboard and mouse to make it easier to do the initial install, then remove those devices.

You can also set up an unattended installation (ie automated everything), but that requires some technical skill, setting up things like AutoYaST, PXE, etc depending on your situation and needs.

When you don’t log in locally to a machine, you generally have to set up remote administration, for instance the VNC graphical console or SSH which can be text only or passing a graphical console.

Generally, logging is not set up differently for a headless server or one with monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Now you have some keywords you can use to find Internet articles people have written, and for you to decide what fits your situation best.