Create a simple backup server


I’ve had OpenSUSE 10.2 running extremely well on my laptop for a month or two now and I’m extremely pleased with it.

At a local charity organisation where I help at there are 4 computers, with 2 running Windows XP, 1 running Windows 2000, and 1 running Windows 98. Currently they’re seperate from each other so files on one computer aren’t accessible from another. I’ve fixed together a low-spec but high storage computer which I would like to connect all the computers to and all files to be stored on it.

I know OpenSUSE can create home servers, but I’ve only found some complex guides through google which includes the installation of e-mail/web/database servers and many other things I don’t think I need.

All I’d like it to do is for this server to appear in My Network Places in Windows (or some other place) which the other computers can easily access and edit the files on it.

So does anyone know of any simple guides for setting up something like this? Or even anything I should read up on and learn about before attempting it?

Any advice, help, or links would be extremely useful to me. Thank you.

EDIT: In the title it says backup server, but on second thoughts, it wouldn’t actually be backup it would be a central place to store files.

I don’t know that can fulfill your requirement.
One of the ways is to build up a samba server on opensuse.
Bryan’s technical world: How to build up a samba server for linux and windows client on opensuse

This might be worth a read for a bit more background:
Samba and Suse: HowTo Set up an openSUSE-Windows Home Office LAN/Network

and the configuration for a file server share goes like this in smb.conf:

read only = no
guest ok = yes
force user = fooman

Here, fooman is the owner of the shared directory “sharedfolder”, typically located at /home/fooman/sharedfolder

hi sir…

is there software in suse or linux that can work like backup exec or veritas backup software?

100 ways really – here’s one for a shared partition: unmount the server partition and make a backup with partimage. Or tar it to a backup repository. Or write yourself ascript and lodge it as a cron job to do either of those.

You could look at dd, dd_rescue, device image, netcat, partimage, ntfsclone, FOG, G4L, G4U, SystemRescueCD. Google any of those.

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