Create a root backup image of the root partition ?

Since I installed MS2 I messed up grub. Finally I got 11.3 back to its old glory.

What would be the best procedure to create a backup image with all settings and permissions …just in case ?



A couple of suggestions,
A clonezilla might be the simplest way to make a backup image restorable from a boot CD. You can backup disks or partitions, my guess is that the additional work to do a full system backup would require little additional effort or time in a relatively new system and be the most sure to recover.

Another suggestion is something I played around with a little over this past weekend, using the YAST backup and recover utilities. I don’t remember if there was an El Torito option (bootable CD), if not then the backups are mostlly useful only to recover files from a system that boots without problem.


Thanks Tony

I will look into these options


PartedMagic Downloads is a Linux liveCD that includes Clonezilla, Partition Image, and Ghost for Linux (g4l) as well as many other useful tools for partitionimg, parition and file recovery , etc. And being a liveCD has its advantages.

Thanks for the additional option

I let you all know how successful it will be

PartedMagic is Magic

Great GUI

Got an image of my rootpartition. next step would be to re-install. Got a bit of spare space and will try.

I suspect some problems with fstab. Will keep you posted

cheers from OZ;)