create a partiton-table with Gparted - HowTo

hi dear linux-fans

i want to do a creation of a partiton table - with gparted - on opensuse : HowTo?

i firstly

a. turn on the computer
b. start gparted
c. run the partintion-creation-programme

note: it is not (!!!) possible to co a partition-table when you either

a. run any programme on the machine
b. do anything with the machine

in other words: i only can do a partion table when all (!!!) programmes are switche off and Gparted is the only thing that runs…

is this true

You must first delete all the existing partitions; after this you can create a partition table. As long as there are any partitions on the drive, there will be a partition table.

You can of course change an existing partition table.