Create a Directory Server Instance in LEAP 15

Hi all,

I am trying to configure a Authentication-Server in LEAP 15 notice the Yast module has now changed to “Create New Directory Server” as I was previously using LEAP 42.3.

I find that the Authentication-Server setup wizard for open-Ldap was much more helpful and straightforward giving flexibility of configuration options including TLS/Kerberos and Ldap configuration options.

I am using TinyCA as my CA and to issue Server Certificates.

If anyone could help with a How-to-guide for configuring an Ldap Server on LEAP 15 in Yast using TLS that will be most helpful as the OpenSuse official documentation for LEAP 15 still references Authentication-Server module as opposed to the “Create New Directory” module in LEAP 15.

There have been significant changes to LDAP itself which is likely why the YaST module was rebuilt