Create a bootable usb drive from Windows 7 ISO

Hello guys,

I’ve been trying to create a usb bootable drive from a win7 iso image without success.
With previous versions of OpenSuse, i used to use woeusb, which worked flawlessly. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been ported to Leap 15. I’ve tried installing it from the source but it is too complicated. Most commands from the HowTo page don’t work.
I’ve tried Unetbootin, but it doesn’t work with windows images. Same thing with Etcher.

I have no access to any Win OS so I’m stuck right now and I really need to make this work.

I’ve also tried Rufus with wine, but the USB drive is not detected.

Can somebody help me? Thanks !


Woeusb is there, in the OSS repository. I don’t know why I didn’t find it !

I have the same issue. You found a solution? Can you please elaborate? How did you activate the usb?

Searched for WoeUSB and found it. A linux app that writes .iso files to a usb. Just what I needed.