crashing on Secondlife in 64bit opensuse

just installed all the 32bit libs for what secondlife needs or so i thought if i disable streaming music i wont crash but if i do i will crash

heres my result on ldd do-not-directly-run-secondlife-bin
pastebin - collaborative debugging tool

and what i get when the crash happens
pastebin - collaborative debugging tool

and contents of the crash log
pastebin - collaborative debugging tool

any idea why it’s happening?

Same happens to me on my AMD 64 bit – though on my other partition install with Ubuntu 8.10, 9.04, and Mint – I’ve been able to run secondlife w/o any problems starting up. Same computer, same hardware only different o/s.

I do not know if I’m doing something wrong, or if OpenSuse 11.1 with KDE4.2 does not play nice with secondlife. Methinks the former it is.>:(

Anyone found a solution?

Final solution: Get a first life first :slight_smile: