Crash when power removed

I don’t know if this is a software or hardware problem but when I remove the AC power cable from my laptop (with the OS not shutdown, for example if I want to move rooms quickly) the desktop disappears and I’m shown a console view that I can’t type into; I assume this was the last thing that was in the console before xwindows launched on boot.

Sony VGN-BX195VP
openSUSE 11.2 (fresh install)
Casual linux user

Any pointers would be great.

I have set the power options for battery to match AC but still no luck.

When you pull the AC cable out it looks like the desktop goes straight into sleep or suspend mode as when you move the mouse you get the password prompt. Then 1-2 seconds later xwindows closes and your left at an inactive console.

Anyone have any ideas?

EDIT: I should also add if the laptop is booted with no AC power and then the AC cable is plugged in their is no problem, its swaps over to charging after about 5 seconds.

F3Speech wrote:
> Anyone have any ideas?

there is another active right now thread named “Display goes Black
Dead while Powe is ON”

i think i’d take a look into there…maybe something to learn
there…or use the forums advanced search…


I did already read that post but its only a similar problem with no solution and I did use the search and that why Im posting.


> :sarcastic:

those kinds of things are often pretty hard to track down–and, i was
hoping you hadn’t searched and would quickly find a solution…

see, the problem is Sony works closely with MS to make sure the
hardware and bios work with what ever Windows is sold on it…

you might (for example) try to install XP on a machine born with Vista
or Win7 and have the same problem, or worse…

now what you might do is:

-search sony sites to see if there is an updated bios…

-look for a sony hosted forum for linux users (i’d guess fixing the
same symptom on a Red Hat/Ubuntu/whatever machine running the SAME
kernel family, would also fix your machine)

-on my machine, at
is a long list of kernel parameters that might change the way ACPI
(Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) and APM (Advanced Power
Management) are used on your machine…see if you can find a list for
YOUR kernel (i think mine came when i used YaST to install kernel
documentation [or something similar])

but be advised: some of those things i’m mentioned might damage your
hardware or void your warranty, so be advised and see caveat:

before you get too fancy with your solutions!! (i mean, it might be
best to just not try to move between rooms, fast or not…or just shut
down (maybe hibernate or sleep) and then move…it could be a lot
cheaper than buying a new machine…