Crash during install

Hi Guys

I did an install (no Automatic config) and I got up to the stage of adding the repos and performing online updates…

Then it crashes to the console with a message like:

YAST got signal 11 at YCP File (some path) Segmentation Fault.

It was too quick to read and I could not find it any logs so far (boot.msg, messages).

Then it gives me the login screen, I can only login as root and checking users lists no users (obviously the install hasn’t completed properly).

Do you guys think its a bad burn? I downloaded the iso from opensuse via http then burnt at x4.

I notice that once I install firefox wont run any pages even though my proxy is configured, Im at work at the moment… maybe I should try from home were there is no proxy?

Also firefox lists version 3beta5 as in RC1? Is that right?

PS - I have not done any md5sums on the iso / burn so if sounds like bad burn / download issue then I understand :slight_smile:

Media check on my DVD in YAST says its all verified OK (not sure if it does an md5 check).

I think I might just try from home with no proxy.

Well I think the cause was my repo paths were wrong?

I added /suse/ to the end of my non-oss and oss repos and now everything is sweet?

Originally my repos pointed to the directory below /suse so they couldnt find what they needed. :confused: