One of the software working on Linux needs OpenGL files, otherwise some modules of the software do not work. Yesterday I decided to update library using “Software Management” section in the YAST. I downloaded whatever I found including OpenGL prefix in the library update list. After the update, X server crashed as soon as I reboot the machine. Error was a missing library file ( corresponding to three different module try to load such as kded_powerdevil, kded_keyboard, and kded_networkmanagement.

Xserver is coming to login page but only the harddrive appears and rest of the other things do not appear after I try to login. As long as I type user name and password Xserver returns to login page.

I would be appreciate if I have any comments or suggestions.

I have to save Linux OS without format.

You have tried to install the NVIDIA driver for non-optimus machines, i.e. with nvidia only. IIRC you have a dual graphics ( Intel + nvidia ). Reinstall the Mesa* packages to repair the damage done by the nvidia install. For the nvidia card use Bumblebee and the nvidia-bumblebee packages from the X11:Bumblebee repo.