crackly audio from flash in kde4/opensuse 11

After upgrading to openSUSE 11, I’ve been kind of bugsquashing, and this is last on my list. Whenever there is audio in Flash when using Firefox 3.0 and Konqueror, it has a crackly, clippy kind of sound. It’s very distracting and makes listening to flash music horrible. I’ve tried installing the Flash 10 beta, but the problem persists. I’m currently using the current version.

What audio chipset are you using? In my case, I’m using an Intel HDA chipset that requires an added ‘position_fix’ value to be assigned via the yast tool, before this problem is minimised. However, some games like ‘glest’ for example, still give me average sound quality due to interrupt sharing (with video and networking hardware). The command ‘cat /proc/interrupts’ can show you this info. My apologies with all this if you have already diagnosed it as a definite flash issue.

I notice that under Firefox Preferences, you can select the ‘Applications’ tab to examine which application is set to handle ‘flash’ animations. I can currently choose ‘Use Shockwave Flash’ or ‘FlashPlayer’. Not sure if it makes a difference, but I’m using the former.

Anyway, something to start with…

First off sorry for the delayed reply. My soundcard chipset is RT97 and although I only experienced this problem with flash, the YAST value fixed, pardon pun, the audio. Thanks

Good result. :slight_smile: