Crackling audio

Created another user. Nothing changed.

Followed the EndeavourOS link but was unable to

ion@Box2:~> systemctl --user restart pipewire pipewire-pulse wireplumber pipewire-socket
Failed to restart pipewire-socket.service: Unit pipewire-socket.service not found.

And pipewire-socket is not installable. So I dropped that part of the command and the rest worked.

The level of crackling has reduced but is still present. Thanks for the help, but I think we need to put this quest to sleep.

Wrong command. It is not ‘pipewire-socket’. The unit is called ‘pipewire.socket’

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Many thanks for the correction, but I did copy and paste pipewire-socket directly from the EndeavourOS link. Now the command executes and the crackling has gone. I appreciate your persistence that overcame my impatience.