Crackle when playing sound through a number of players/systems

Hi ,I am running 15.0 on a 4 core AMD Toshiba labtop.

Application SW Ardour , Jack and codec and Alsa addons

I think it was after an upgrade about 2 weeks ago that I noticed a slight crackle when using Spotify or Amarok or VCL or Ardour . This got worse over time.

This is prohibitive and one can not record.

Everything seam to be ok . ???

I am at a loss as to what to do. Could you please suggest some maintanace / diagnostic commands .

Thanks and best regards

I can’t offer any direct knowledge/experience with this, but just in case the following is relevant here…

Thanks, that seams to be an avenue to pursue ,

maybe limiting the number of processes running could be looked into as well

In the meantime I upgraded to 15.1 with no results. After that I followed the advice from the url you gave me and it seams to have an effect.
…at least the pops/crackle were less.

…would be great full for any ideas


This might be apropos: Linux Finally Has A Fix For Crackling Audio Input On Recent AMD Systems:

This bug has affected many AMD chipsets including the X370/X470 and others on motherboards paired with a Realtek audio codec. The issues have primarily been with analog audio capture but “occasional playback hiccups” have been experienced by some users.

Also getting this problem.

Leap 15.1
Realtek ALC892 in an Intel desktop

Sound is perfect in system alerts, online (YouTube, etcetera), VLC

Terrible popping, cracking noises when playing games.

Only seems to happen through the SPDIF output. Headphones sound fine.

Should note that this was not a problem in Leap 42.x

Adding: The problem occurs with some games but not others. Games both inside and outside of Steam - and even within Steam, one game may work and another will not.

Noted that the OP is using an Nvidia card. I am too, with the HDMI audio port disabled in the Configuration tab of the Pulse Audio control panel.

Another symptom: The level meter bars in the Pulse volume control panel are completely dead during playback of anything through the SPDIF port but they work fine when headphones are used.