Crackle Pop and Snap.

Hello, Firstly allow me to introduce myself, Im Ajay and from United Kingdom. :slight_smile:

Anyway, Previously on OpenSUSE my sound worked until i installed 11.1 (The new one) on GNOME, KDE worked fine but lagged like a kangaroo going fishing.

So now i’ve managed to get sound working on here HOWEVER. All i hear is crackling through the sound, Its not to do with the microphone and such its all muted apart from the speakers.

This has probably been solved before but as this is a problem i’ve had on 11.1 while it worked on the others i decided to create this topic.

Sorry for the double but also worth posting as i just found out, This only seems to be online sounds, My beats and tracks all play fine, So just youtube and such.

When you play sound on line, it is quite possible your PCM volume settings will change. Please check your mixer to see if when using web audio applictions that the PCM level has not gone up to high (into distortion) which could cause the problem you have observed.